Wednesday, September 30, 2009


During last Parliamentary Elections held in the month of May, 2009 the ‘so-called’ intellectuals of West Bengal suffering from anti-Leftist ideology had put up thousands of expensive flexes, festoons, banners, hoardings and posters containing their photos in every hook and corner of Kolkata City and in its surroundings calling up people for ‘Privartan” in favour of the rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI. These imperialist and cross the border supported, financed and guided antinational intellectuals posing shamelessly themselves to be neutral did not so far clarify how much money was spent on the election campaign materials, the details of the materials and the source of the money spent on them generously.

The materials were undoubtedly used for election campaign in favour of a particular political coalition.

It does not end here. These pseudo intellectuals were seen on the platforms of the rainbow alliance politically campaigning for them, singing, dancing and performing tricks and feats of jugglery to the tune of Mamata Banerjee.

People of the country have a right to know the details of their activities and expenditure incurred by them for election purpose.

There is no denying that all their activities come under the purview of Code of Conduct as set by the Election Commission of India. So, it is the bounden duty of the Election Commission to cause a detailed enquiry into the same and take necessary action against the pseudo intellectuals.


At last the dreaded Maoist killer terrorist Chatradhar Mahato is in the net of the police. This is the same person who is responsible for butchering hundreds of innocent people in Lalgarh including tribals, doctor, nurses, government officials, teachers, peasants, grocers, students and so on. He has destroyed the peace of the entire area. The normal life of the people remains disturbed beyond imagination. The whole of Lalgarh and its surroundings is in the grip of unprecedented murder and violence every now and then.

People have heaved a sigh of relief with his arrest. But some Kolkata based so-called “Human Right’s Organizations” have as usual begun to criticize the detention in the name of violation of human rights. They are actively and shamelessly engaged in bringing out processions, sitting in protests and organizing meetings, seminars and conventions in support of his unconditional release and withdrawal of all cases against him. Some ‘so-called’ intellectuals have also joined them taking advantage of their noble professions.

A reign of terror prevails over Lalgarh and Jangalmahal areas. Bundhs on this or that plea have become a day-to-day routine affair. Schools and other educational institutions remain closed for months together seriously disturbing the education of the children.

It is an open secret that the Maoists collect Rs. 500/- from every each vehicle passing through Lalgarh Jangalmahal. Every month the Government employees and teachers have to contribute 10% of the salary. All the shop owners have to pay fixed amount of money to them. Besides, people from every walk of life have also forced to pay huge amount of money. This huge collected money is spent on purchasing of arms, ammunitions and landmines, fooding and lodging of armed Maoists and on their organizational activities.

They proclaim Lalgarh and Jangalmahal to be liberated areas. They would not allow the administration or the judiciary to function there. So, they have even taken up the function of judiciary. They organize open trials, sentence people to death and announce other punishments. They have even announced death punishments for Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri P. Chidambaram and Shri Budhadeb Bhattacharjee. A few months back they tried to assassinate Shri Bhattacharjee.

These foreign backed, guided and financed so-called human right’s organizations never criticize when the antinational and terrorist outfits kill innocent people including teachers in front of their students, tribals, doctors, nurses, government officials, businessmen, peasants, grocers, students and so on, plunder and torch their houses, rape their women, render them shelter-less and jobless and snatch away their peaceful life. They never utter a single word when the terrorists kill innocent people in Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the country.

They maintained studied silence when the Maoists blow up ambulances and other vehicles with patients and drivers inside it, bridges, railway stations, railway tracks, mobile towers, schools, colleges, hospitals and so on.

These organizations and ‘so-called’ intellectuals are nothing but agents and provocateurs of the antinational terrorist outfits. They have been functioning openly taking advantage of the fundamental rights prescribed in the Constitution.

It is to be kept in mind that every body is equal in the eye of law. Neither these organizations nor the intellectuals supporting antinational terrorist outfits are above the Constitution or the law of the land. So, necessary penal action should be taken against them immediately in the interest of internal safety and security of the nation.


It is a matter of utter shame and shocking that Instead of appreciating and encouraging the police personnel, who risking their own life, were able to arrest Chatradhar Mahato, the dreaded anti-national Maoist terrorist responsible for the gruesome murder of hundreds of innocents, eviction of thousands of people and plunder and torching of their houses in Lalgarh and Jangalmahal areas of West Bengal, some politically motivated media in West Bengal have raised their voice against the so-called “cunning manner” in which he has been detained. They also make a hue and cry saying that their noble profession has been tarnished.

We would like to remind them the following incidents where the journalists and others had worked in the guise of other professions while performing their duties.

(1) The reporters of Tehalka.Com in the guise of arms dealers representing a fake company named “West End Company ” had exposed through sting operation how corruption occurs in high places in the purchase of arms and ammunitions for the country.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(2) Some media reporters in the guise of few personnel representing an NGO were able to show Md. Ilias, CPI MLA in West Bengal, accepting bribe in the Legislatures’ Hostel in Kolkata.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(3) Shri Arindam Acharya, a Police Officer of South 24, Parganas, was able to arrest dreaded dacoits in the guise of folk singers.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(4) Similarly, in the guise of Cables Suppliers of a reputed cable company police officers of Hooghly were successful in arresting robbers stealing cables of 132 KV High Tension Line supplying energy from Bandel Thermal Power Station.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(5) In the guise of civilians, the special team of C.B.I. from Delhi had arrested notorious Partha Sarathi Bose, DSP, CBI, West Bengal while accepting bribe.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(6) Many antinational terrorists and terrorists including Maoists were able to escape police in the guise of reporters. In some cases, the media also reportedly helped them to get away in the guise of media personnel.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

(7) In the world history one can see how people in the guise of others' professions were able to save the country, the society and the people. These heroic accounts are written in golden letters.

Nobody ever said that their profession has been tarnished.

Every single news and reporting in the media of West Bengal in respect of CPI (M) and the Left Front Govboernment is based on exaggerations, distortions of fact, slanderous campaign, untruthfulness, defamatory, derogatory and misleading imputations, inaccuracy, partiality, unfairness and indecency. If Hitler and/or his Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels were alive, they would have hung their heads in shame and traumatized to see that their successors in the media of the state have reached very far-off surpassing them in all matters of fraudulency, deception, dishonesty, distortion of facts, manufacture and concoction of false & fake news and reports, slanderous campaign, unfairness and what not.

It is not the police personnel who have tarnished the image of the noble profession of journalism. It is some hypocrite media in West Bengal who are the greatest enemies of the dignified profession of journalism. They have already tarnished the image of journalism in the estimation of the people by their dishonest and fraudulency. To tell the truth, they have already lowered the coffin of journalism into the grave.

So, neither the state nor the country needs any advice from them in any matter.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some ‘pseudo’ intellectuals of West Bengal have again appeared on the stage to criticize the arrest of dreaded Maoist terrorist Chatradhar Mahato by police in Lalgarh. Besides, they have also demanded his immediate release. These “so-called” intellectuals habituated to sing, dance and perform tricks and feats of jugglery to the tune of imperialists and Mamata Banerjee have been trying to project the terrorist and extortionist responsible for gruesome butchering of hundreds of innocent people in a couple of months in West Bengal as a “tribal hero”. During this mayhem the “so-called” intellectuals on the pay roll of imperialists maintained a studied silence and did not spend a single word to condemn the inhuman activities of the terrorists who are having direct links with other terrorist outfits of north-east and across the border enemy nations aiming at to subvert our country.

As a matter of fact, some of these ‘pseudo’ intellectuals have already been able to manage Life Long Free AC Railway Passes and berths on different committees of the Indian Railways especially set up at the cost of the nation to accommodate them for their unequivocal support to the rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI during last Parliamentary Elections. Now, they have been standing in queue at the door of Mamata Banerjee waiting for tickets to State Assembly Elections in 2011, Padma Shree, Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan and other national awards.

People must, therefore, remain cautious and alert about these purchased stooges and agents of imperialists who can take recourse to any anti-national activity and stoop to any level to in the interest of their vested interests.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Some media in West Bengal have raised their voice against the so-called “deceitful manner” in which Chatradhar Mahato, the dreaded anti-national Maoist terrorist responsible for the gruesome murder of hundreds of innocents, eviction of thousands of people and plunder and torching of their houses in Lalgarh and Jangalmahal areas of West Bengal, has been arrested by the police in the guise of journalists. They think that the action of the police has tarnished the image of their profession.


Kishenji, one of the top Maoist leaders, has already declared that most of the media in the state are friendly to them. So, the criticism on the part of some media over the arrest of their murderous terrorist-turned-friend is very natural. But the pretext of condemnation is unnatural and ludicrous.

There is no denying the fact that the media in West Bengal think themselves to be the most appropriate successors of Dr. Joseph Goebbles, Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler, and above the Constitution as well as Law of the land and the Code of Ethics of Journalism & Media Guidelines evolved by the Press Council of India. They also believe that the cowardly acts of butchering unarmed poor tribals and innocent people by armed Maoists are justified, defensible, necessary, acceptable, reasonable and need of the day. So, this media never raised any protest against the terrorist outfits for butchering innocent people and unleashing a reign of terror and panic in Nandigram, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal and other areas of the state. On the other hand, they along with Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of TMC-Congress-SUCI-pseudo intellectuals always tried to prove unsuccessfully that the Maoists were never in Nandigram, Singur, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal and other Maoist infested areas and dismissed the fact as bogus and as a propaganda maneuvering of the CPI (M). But the cat has come out of the big. The presence of Maoists in Nandigram, Singur, Lalgarh, Junglemahal and other areas is as clear as broad daylight. So, now they have started to glorify and defend them in every possible manner as a part of their political strategy.

The media in West Bengal believes that they have the birth right to adopt any dubious or fraudulent method in their profession and approach anyone including antinational terrorist outfits, wood smugglers and abductors at anytime in the guise of any profession to glorify them as “national heroes” and “modern Robinhoods”. They have the fundamental right to write anything, whatsoever, in respect of any person or any organization that they do not like out of political considerations and professional compulsions. It does not matter whether it goes against the interests of the country or ethics of journalism. But others have no such right. The media people think that everything and every act stand fair and justified in their profession. They also think that the Maoist assassins, hired killers, extortionists, blackmailers and mercenaries have also the freedom to carry on all sorts of inhuman and barbarous anti-people and anti-national activities without any interruption from any quarter.

The Constitution of India gives editors and journalists the fundamental right to publish and print news or any kind of information and to comment and criticize on public affairs. It includes the right not to publish or comment as well. However, the freedom of the press is not absolute; neither is the freedom of expression.

The fundamental objective of journalism is to serve the people with news, views, comments and information on matters of public interest, in a fair, accurate, unbiased, sober and decent manner. Publication of inaccurate, baseless, graceless, misleading or distorted materials should be avoided. All sides of the core issue or subject should be reported.

Every single news and reporting in the media in West Bengal in respect of CPI (M) and the Left Front Govboernment is based on exaggerations, distortions of fact, slanderous campaign, untruthfulness, defamatory, derogatory and misleading imputations, inaccuracy, partiality, unfairness and indecency. If Hitler and/or his Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels were alive, they would have hung their heads in shame and traumatized to see that their successors in the media of the state have reached very far-off surpassing them in all matters of fraudulency, deception, dishonesty, distortion of facts, manufacture and concoction of false & fake news and reports, slanderous campaign, unfairness and what not.

Many people say that the media in West Bengal has already lowered the coffin of journalism into the grave.

So, their protest against the arrest of a dreaded Maoist on the pretext of ‘blots on their profession’ and attempt to create sympathy and compassion in his favour is not only unjustified, unnatural and unacceptable but also antinational.

Mark Twain had very rightly commented to the effect that:



In spite of letter and reminders by the C.P.I. (M), Damodar Ajoy Zonal Committee, Burdwan, West Bengal, the Election Commission of India is mysteriously silent on the gross violation of Model Code of Conduct made by TMC Supremo Smt. Mamata Banerjee in a meeting held at Jamuria on 04-04-2009.

Miss Banerjee is above neither the Constitution of India nor the Model Code of Conduct as set by the Election Commission of India. Hence she should also be treated at par with other law breakers.

It is seen that drastic actions have been taken against many a leaders throughout the country for violation of the Model Code of Conduct. But we are at a loss to understand as to why the MCC Enforcing Agency is mysteriously silent in this particular case.

In fact, Sub Clauses 2 and 3 of Clause 1 under the caption “General Conduct” as contained in the Model Code of Conduct read as follows in a clear crystal language.

“(2) Criticism of other political parties, when made, shall be confined to their policies and programme, past record and work. Parties and Candidates shall refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life, not connected with the public activities of the leaders or workers of other parties. Criticism of other parties or their workers based on unverified allegations or distortion shall be avoided.

(3) There shall be no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes. Mosques, Churches, Temples or other places of worship shall not be used as forum for election propaganda.”

But it is a matter of deep regret and surprise that her criticism of Left Front and CPI (M) was not at all confined to their policies and programme, past record and work as prescribed. Showing thumb to the Election Commission of India, she resorted to criticism of our party and its leaders based on distortion of fact for denigrating them in public as well for poisoning and inciting people against them. She also indulged in appeal to caste and communal feelings for securing votes. Besides, she appealed her party workers to go on offensive resorting to all kinds of ways and means, legal or illegal, to defeat the Left Front sponsored CPI (M) candidate in this election.

In gross violation of the above mentioned provisions of MCC, she took recourse not only to abusive, provocative, inflammatory, obnoxious and hate speech against CPI (M) and its leaders but also made personal attack in the most derogatory and offensive manner against our candidate Shri Bansa Gopal Chowdhury with one and only intention of creating tension and vitiate the peaceful and cordial atmosphere prevailing in this parliamentary constituency.

One copy each of the CD to substantiate the allegation was sent to the Chief Election Commissioner of India, the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal, the District Election Officer, Burdwan and the Returning Officer, Asansol but without any result.

Extracts of few of her utterances made in the said meeting are quoted below.

“……..Konsho Ke Keno Apnara Bare Bare MP Koren…”

(Why do you elect Kansh MP again and again?)

“…Konsho Ke Dhangso Karoon…”
(Destroy Kansh)

(See Timing of CD: From 8 Minutes 10 Seconds to 8 Minutes 26 Seconds)

She used the word ‘Kansh’ for our candidate whose first name is Bansa. You are no doubt aware that ‘Kansh’ was the notorious maternal uncle of Lord Krishna in the Hindu mythology.

Apart from this, she used the following abhorrent language against our party and its leaders.

“ between coal mafia and CPI (M)…”

“..CPI (M) leaders have amassed huge wealth for establishing sponge iron factories...”

(See Timing of CD: From 13 Minutes 51 Seconds to 14 Minutes 20 Seconds)

She did not stop here. Even, she stooped so low as to use the following most objectionable words against Shri Budhadeb Bhattacharjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of West Bengal.

“Ram Raj Mei Doodh Meeli,
Krishna Raj Mei Ghee,
Aar Buddhoraj Mei Chullu Mili,
Su Su Ke Pee”

(Milk was available in Ram Raj. Ghee was available in Krishna Raj. And Country liquor is available in the Raj of Bhuddhadeb Bhattacharjee, drink it sipping)

(See Timing of CD: From 21 minutes 21 Seconds to 21 minutes 55 seconds)


Sunday, September 27, 2009


According to the Constitution, it is the duty of the Governor to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the law and to devote himself to the service and well-being of the people of the state to the best of his abilities.

There is no denying the fact that the Governor is a constitutional head of a state. So, he has two options only. He may call the Chief Minister or any of his Ministers for discussion on any matter which he considers to be serious. The second option is that he may send his report to the Central Government. One eminent Indian Constitutional Expert has very rightly commented that the Governor cannot have any personal view. He has to work within the constitutional limitations. He has no scope for possessing any opinion different from that of the state government.

In Shamsher Singh Vs State of Punjab, the Supreme Court held that the President and the Governors are only constitutional heads and they exercise their power and functions with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and not personally. Wherever the constitution requires the ‘satisfaction’ of the President or the Governor, the ‘satisfaction’ is not the personal satisfaction of the President or the Governor but it is the satisfaction of the Council of Ministers.

The pro-imperialist and blind anti-Communist Governor of West Bengal is a man of man of many parts and personality with learning, passion, emotion and compassion. But bad people say that all these qualities are prejudiced and one eyed. He is not so innocent and impartial as he pretends to look. Besides, he is also in possession of an unusual ‘conscience’. It wakes up all on a sudden only when Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI-Few Perverted Intellectuals-Media-NGOs-Human Rights Originations desires and demands in times of need to push their political agenda of overthrowing the Left Front Government in West Bengal. Many people are of the firm opinion that he is a “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” of this alliance and the Governor House has become a centre for hatching political conspiracy against the Left Front Government.

The frequent politically motivated statements issued by him for landing the Left Front Government in constitutional crisis has earned him the unequivocal praise of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance. To tell the truth, instead of discharging impartially and honestly his duties as a constitutional head, he himself has been in the arena trying to embarrass, heckle and humiliate the Left Front Government and tarnish its image in the estimation of the people throughout the country. He has been instrumental in sabotaging the industrial resurgence of the state. His modus operandi for creating constitutional crisis in the state with the help of the opposition has, therefore, considerably and definitely lowered and damaged the dignity, honour, prestige and status of this august office. It, therefore, not only goes against the spirit of the Constitution but also aimed at subverting it.

The Governors in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Goa, Jharkhand and West Bengal have acted in gross violation of the Constitution and the law in recent times. People felt outraged by the decisions of the Governors favouring a particular party or coalition. Fortunately the damage caused to the Constitution and to democratic norms was rectified to some extent through the intervention of the Supreme Court, but the damage to the institution of Governors has proved to be irreparable.

It is largely the conduct of a few such Governors that has led to the devaluation of the institution. Some political parties in power both at the Centre and in the States have also contributed to this process of erosion of the prestige and usefulness of the office of governor by having their "own men" in the Raj Bhavans.
Many suggestions have been made by constitutional experts and commissions in order to enable the governors to discharge the duties assigned to them by the Constitution efficiently and satisfactorily. If further erosion of this important institution is to be averted, appropriate corrective measures have to be taken without delay.

Two such measures can be identified as the most important and urgent.
The first is to have a proper system for the selection of persons to be appointed as Governors. An ideal method of selecting suitable persons for governorship is to form a panel of persons in advance from which alone appointments are to be made as and when vacancies arise. Such a panel should be prepared by a high level committee with the Vice-President as Chairman and the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, Home Minister and leaders of the Opposition in the two Houses as members. This will help a great deal to increase the credibility of the persons appointed to this high office.

The second important requirement in ensuring impartiality and dignity for the institution of governors is to give them adequate security of tenure. Today the Governor’s post is the least secured among the constitutional posts in the country. Article 156(1) of the Constitution states that a Governor holds his office during the pleasure of the President which in practice means the Prime Minister. Unfortunately, Article 156(1) has been so much misused by the Prime Ministers in the past that the Governor’s position has become in some respects worse than that of an ordinary employee of the Central Government. An employee of the Central Government cannot be removed or dismissed from office without due process, but in the case of Governors, removal can be enforced through "command resignations" as had happened in several cases in the past.

Dr B.R. Ambedkar had assured the Constituent Assembly that there was no need for any special provision in the Constitution for the removal of Governors as such removal will be only in exceptional cases of gross misconduct or violation of the Constitution. His stand, no doubt, reflected the high standards of constitutional propriety and idealism prevalent at the time of the framing of the Constitution. But experience has shown that in the absence of definite provisions in the Constitution for removal of Governors, this power can be misused at the whims and fancies of those in power. A provision, therefore, has to be made in the Constitution laying down the reasons for removal of a Governor and the procedure to be followed for removing him.

If the above two suggestions are adopted as part of the constitutional and administrative reforms promised by the Government it will help a great deal in getting suitable and deserving persons for the post of Governor and curbing the growing tendency among politicians to treat the Governors as just another group among the "employees" of the parties in power.


Most of the people so far butchered by TMC-Maoists at Lalgarh and other places are poor tribals mostly belonging to CPI (M). The society demands timely disposal of the dead body of even a creature. But the entire world witnessed with horror how the dead bodies of 4 poor tribal CPI (M) cadres butchered by Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI Alliance were kept in open for 5 days without disposal by the Maoist-TMC criminals at Lalgarh in West Bengal. Their relatives were neither allowed to come near nor touch the bodies. The Maoists and TMC workers danced and sang around the bodies in the same manner as is practiced by cannibals. Their brutality and inhumanity surpassed all limits of human tolerance and society.

Thousands of CPI (M) cadres and their families have been evicted from their ancestral homes. Their houses have been torched by TMC-Maoist criminals and murderers. They have been rendered jobless in these hard days of existence. The families of the murdered persons and others have been thrown into the streets for starvation.

The so-called innocent and impartial Governor of West Bengal is silent over unprecedented slaughter of innocent people because he thinks that they are not human beings. His conscience wakes up suddenly as and when Mamata Banerjee, Maoists and perverted “so-called” intellectuals demand and desire. Shame on the Governor and the imperialist agents-turned-perverted intellectuals!

The sycophant spineless anti-Communist intellectuals are busy in receiving Free AC Railway Passes and other favours and gratis from imperialists, big business houses, Mamata Banerjee and landlords for their shameful and anti-national service.

The following is an incomplete list of poor tribals and minorities belonging to CPI (M) and other Leftist Parties butchered on and from 01-01-2001 by the “Rainbow Alliance” of Mamata Banerjee-Maoist-Congress-SUCI-Perverted-cum-Communist-Hater Intellectuals.

No. Name of the victim, Address of the victim, Date of murder

1 Ramjan Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 23-01-01
2 Tapan Ghosh, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 08-04-01
3 Shibaram Satpathi, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-04-01
4 Sudhir Singh Sardar, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 28-11-01
5 Anil Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 04-02-02
6 Rampada Majhi, Ranibandh, Bankura, 11-02-02
7 Puntibala Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
8 Icchhamati Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
9 Priyanka Mahato (4yrs), Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
10 Ajit Ghosh, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 09-07-02
11 Golap Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 24-04-03
12 Baridbaran Mondal, Banspahari, Medinipur (W) 21-10-03
13 Asit Santra, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 02-03-04
14 Mahendra Mahato, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-07-05
15 Raghunath Murumu, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
16 Bablu Mudi, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
17 Rabindranath Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
18 Anandamayi Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
19 Kartik Singh, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 04-03-06
20 Gatilal Tudu, Barikul, Bankura, 04-03-06
21 Gumai Murmu, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
22 Jaladhar Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
23 Rabi Das, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 14-06-06
24 Snehashis Das, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 26-05-06
25 Uttam Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
26 Swapan Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
27 Anil Mahato, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-06
28 Dinesh Baske, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-09
29 Pailaram Tudu, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 09-01-07
30 Rampada Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
31 Parikshit Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
32 Manik Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 27-05-07
33 Rohit Roy, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 10-07-07
34 Bhagirath Karmakar, Barabazar, Purulia, 01-11-07
35 Sufal Mandi, Purulia, Purulia, 20-11-07
36 Govind Singh, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 06-12-07
37 Sisir Chatterjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 01-01-08
38 Pahalan Kumar, Balarampur, Purulia, 01-01-08
39 Ramprasad Mondal, Chapra, Nadia, 02-01-08
40 Mangal Mahato, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 15-02-08
41 Karam Chand Singh, Belpahari, 22-02-08
42 Subhash Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 29-02-08
43 Budhadeb Pathak, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 09-03-08
44 Mukul Tiwari, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
45 Jugol Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
46 Nabakumar Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
47 Kshetrapal Majhi, Arsha, Purulia, 19-04-08
48 Sridam Das, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 22-04-08
49 Ganapati Bhadra, Bandowan, Purulia, 04-05-08
50 Debraj Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 05-05-08
51 Biswanath Mandi, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 15-06-08
52 Niranjan Mondal, Nandigram, Medinipur (E), 06-08-08
53 Dulal Garu Das, Garupara, Medinipur (E), 07-08-08
54 Firoj Mondal, Chakdah, Nadia, 01-09-08
55 Satyanarayan Ganguli, Dubrajpur, Birbhum, 05-09-08
56 Sunil Halsana, Chakdah, Nadia, 16-09-08
57 Mansoor Alam, Goalpokhar, Dinajpur (N), 17-09-08
58 Nandalal Mistri, Rajnagar, Birbhum, 22-09-08
59 Amar Ghugu, Patrasayar, Bankura, 04-10-08
60 Prodyut Maiti (Naru), Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 10-10-08
61 Mahidul Seikh, Harirampur, Dinajpur (S), 14-10-08
62 Alauddin Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 20-10-08
63 Kutub Mondal, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-10-08
64 Satyajit Mondal, Karanjora, Bankura, 22-10-08
65 Debi Prasad Singh, Ausgram, Burdwan, 24-10-08
66 Shankar Rauth, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 27-10-08
67 Indrajit Muda, Banspahari, Midnapur (W), 31-10-08
68 Seikh Sanai, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 04-11-08
69 Mrinal Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
70 Namita Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
71 Mazid Seikh, Baharampur, Murshidabad, 12-11-08
72 Panu Bouri, Patrasayar, Bankura, 14-11-08
73 Sheetkantha Mondal, Kandi, Murshidabad, 21-11-08
74 Mostaque Ahmad, Bolepur, Birbhum, 21-11-08
75 Qurban Seikh, Mayreswar, Birbhum, 11-12-08
76 Gaja Mohammad, Islampur, Dinajpur (N), 13-12-08
77 Uttam Roy, Jangipara, Hooghly, 16-12-08
78 Arshad Ali, Dalkhola, Dinajpur (N), 23-12-08
79 Dilip Manna, Purshura, Hooghly, 23-12-08
80 Dasrathi Ghosh, Bhatar, Burdwan, 12-01-09
81 Shamsur Alam Mallick, Indas, Bankura, 16-01-09
82 Motibur Rahaman, Kushmundi, Dinajpur (S), 26-01-09
83 Sujit Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
84 Sambhu Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
85 Nandalal Pal, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 01-02-09
86 Haradhan Majhi, Balarampur, Purulia, 03-02-09
87 Biswanath Digar, Ranibandh, Bankura, 08-02-09
88 Sujit Ponda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-02-09
89 Nurul Islam Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 22-02-09
90 Jharna Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
91 Sumana Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
92 Tapas Mondal, Naihati, 24, Parganas (N), 03-03-09
93 Saiyad Ali Bhuiyan, Jaipur,Bankura, 11-03-09
94 Subol Kajli, Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 14-03-09
95 Subodh Barik, Mugberia, Midnapur (E), 15-03-09
96 Ansar Ali, Gangarampur, Dinajpur (S), 17-03-09
97 Himadri Patra, Boga, Midnapur (E), 17-03-09
98 Gopal Mondal, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 18-03-09
99 Soharab Ali Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 18-03-09
100 Durga Deshwal, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
101 Santosh Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
102 Bijay Shaw, Titagarh, 24, Parganas (N), 18-03-09
103 Kanai Kumar, Arsha, Purulia, 28-03-09
104 Ganesh Das, Bhagwanpur, Midnapur (E), 28-03-09
105 Ashim Mondal, Bahulabheda, Midnapur (W), 10-04-09
106 Hambir Mandi, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
107 Shakti Sen, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
108 Gopinath Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 22-04-09
109 Baikunth Mahato, Supurdihgram, Purulia, 23-04-09
110 Bibhuti Singh Sardar, SD Gram, Purulia , 23-04-09
111 Bhaben Dig, Haripal, Hooghly, 27-04-09
112 Manowar Hossain Jamadar, Amta, Howrah, 07-05-09
113 Kashinath Mondal, Jangipur, Murshidabad, 07-05-09
114 Chandu Dolui, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
115 Seikh Saidul, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
116 Seikh Babua, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
117 Seikh Aksar, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
118 Abdullah Khan, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
119 Mahiuddin Khan, Tamluk, Midnapur (E), 10-05-09
120 Joynal Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 13-05-09
121 Manu Singh, Bandowan, Purulia, 15-05-09
122 Momtaj Seikh, Raninagar, Murshidabad, 16-05-09
123 Arvind Mondal, Chari Antapur, Maldah, 17-05-09
124 Bibek Barman, Goksadanga, Coochbihar, 19-05-09
125 Kartik Mohaladar, Ratua, Maldah, 22-05-09
126 Dinesh Mahato, Balarmpur, Purulia, 23-05-09
127 Manoranjan Naskar, Bishnpur, 24, Pgs. (S), 23-05-09
128 Santosh Barman, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 25-05-09
129 Bhondulal Munda, Jhalda, Purulia,, 25-05-09
130 Apurba Ghosh, Krishnanagar, Nadia, 28-05-09
131 Nuruddin Seikh, Rampurhat, Birbhum, 31-05-09
132 Sayantika Rakhit, BN Nagar, Midnapur (E), 01-06-09
133 Khalek Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 02-06-09
134 Dinesh Deb Singh, GR Pur, Dinajpur (S), 06-06-09
135 Govind Samanta, Panshkura, Midnapur (E), 06-06-09
136 Mamoni Kishku, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 06-06-09
137 Kinkar Dolui, Panchla, Howrah, 08-06-09
138 Salku Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 11-06-09
139 Sitabur Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-06-09
140 Ikramul Haque, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 12-06-09
141 Shankar Tudu, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
142 Asit Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
143 Naru Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
144 Prabir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
145 Keshab Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
146 Dhiraj Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
147 Sanjay Mahato, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
148 Pabitra Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
149 Debabrata Soren, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
150 Mohan Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
151 Tuntuni Jana, Amedabad, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
152 Falguni Mukherjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 15-06-09
153 Sunil Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
154 Tapan Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
155 Sanjay Pratihar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
156 Niladri Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
157 Anil Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
158 Abhijit Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
159 Badal Chandra Ahir, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
160 Sisir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
161 Dubraj Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
162 Dasarath Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
163 Chaitnya Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
164 Keshav Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (W), 19-06-09
165 Siraj Khan, Itaru, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-06-09
166 Ajay Rauth, Haldia, Midnapur (E), 21-06-09
167 Budheswar Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
168 Pranesh Ghosh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
169 Naba Kumar Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
170 Kishore Tiwari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
171 Jugol Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
172 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
173 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
174 Pinki Khatun (8 yrs), Domkol, Murshidabad, 09-07-09
175 Barendranath Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W 10-07-09
176 Gurucharan Mahato, Lalgarh, West Dinajpur, 11-07-09
177 Abijit Mondal (11 years), Uluberia, Howrah, 13-07-09
178 Swapan Deb Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
179 Tarani Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
180 Gangadhar Mahato, Barabazar, Purulia, 15-07-09
181 Jaladhar Mahato, Jhargam, Purulia, 18-07-09
182 Ashok Ghosh, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-07-09
183 Fagu Baske, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 22-07-09
184 Arghya Samanta, Raina, Burdwan, 27-07-09
185 Ananda Das, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, 28-07-09
186 Sagar Masant, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 30-07-09
187 Ashok Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
188 Brahmodeo Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
189 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
190 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
191 Nirmal Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 02-08-09
192 Gurucharan Tudu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 03-08-09
193 Shankar D. Adhikari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
194 Gunadhar Singh, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
195 Shaktipada Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
196 Ashim Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
197 Budhu Hansda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
198 Ramkrishna Duley, Sarenda, Bankura, 15-08-09
199 Madar Ali Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 17-08-09
200 Samrendranath Konai, Madgram, Birbhum, 18-08-09
201 Anirul Islam, Rajarhat, 24, Parganas (N), 23-08-09
202 Mangal Soren, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 29-08-09
203 Laxmikanta Kumar, Sindurpur, Purulia, 29-08-09
204 Madan Mondal, Garulia, North 24, Parganas, 29-08-09
205 Bharat Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 30-08-09
206 Sukhdeo Mahato, Bhramarmara, Midnapur (W), 31-08-09
207 Debi Prasad Hansda, Balarampur, Purulia, 31-08-09
208 Abu Ali Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Pargansas (S), 03-09-09
209 Hashem Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Pargansas (S), 03-09-09
210 Mirazul Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
211 Azmat Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
212 Ketabul Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 04-09-09
213 Apu Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
214 Rajib Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
215 Satish Singh Sardar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
216 Sasanka Sekhar Roy, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
217 Shyam Chalak, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 07-09-09
218 Ramdas Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
219 Baneswar Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
220 Abhiram Das, Nanur, Birbhum, 08-09-09
221 Krishna Kundu, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-09-09
222 Bakul Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-09-09
223 Ramen Ghosh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 12-09-09
224 Seikh Nazrul, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
225 Kartick Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-0
226 Sambhu Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
227 Ajoy Patra, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 16-09-09
228 Dilip Dhara, Jadavpur, Kolkata, 17-09-09
229 Zikaria Seikh, Baryan, Murshidabad, 20-09-09
230 Manik Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
231 Budheswar Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
232 Bagan Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
233 Nimai Bisui, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
234 Samir Singha Mahapatra, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
235 Rafique Molla, Patharpratima, 24, Parganas (S), 25-09-09
236 Susanta Dhara, Khandaghosh, Burdwan, 27-09-09
237 Radhanath Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 29-09-09
238 Anadi Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 29-09-09
239 Bhakti Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 29-09-09

The list is incomplete. The names of Shankar Samanta and many others murdered at Nandigram, Khejuri and other places are not mentioned in the above list.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Since the results of the Lok Sabha elections have been announced, a spate of attacks have been organized against activists and supporters of the CPI (M) in West Bengal. In Khejuri in East Midnapur and Lalgarh in West Midnapur, CPI(M) activists have been physically attacked and murdered, Party offices burnt down and hundreds of CPI(M) supporters forcibly driven out of the villages, by organized and armed gangs led by the Trinamool Congress and Maoists. Targeted assassinations of CPI (M) leaders have also taken place in the districts of Bardhaman, Birbhum, Purulia and Howrah. This planned and organized violence has been continuing right from the time the Lok Sabha polls were announced. Since then over 70 CPI(M) leaders and activists have been martyred across West Bengal.

A notable feature of this spate of attacks against the CPI (M) in Bengal is the open nexus between the Maoists and mainstream opposition parties, particularly the Trinamool Congress. Their present objective is clearly to physically eliminate the CPI (M) and create anarchy in the state in order to destabilize the democratically elected State Government. This nexus, however, is not unique to West Bengal. The so-called Maoists in India, who have refused to abandon the path of individual assassination and mindless acts of terror, have since long degenerated into armed gangs, indulging in nefarious activities like extortion, robbery and money laundering. Like criminal gangs, who forge links with political parties for patronage and protection, the Maoists too have developed links with mainstream politicians in states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. In these states, the involvement of the Maoists in election related violence has not been limited to their enforcement of poll boycott calls. They have been often found involved in threatening or even killing candidates of one political party on behalf of another, and also indulging in booth capturing. In West Bengal, they have discovered a willing ally in the Trinamool Congress.


The links between the Trinamool Congress and the Maoists in West Bengal have surfaced during various incidents of violence since the early years of this decade. However, it was the Nandigram episode in 2007that had brought this nexus out in the open. While reports in the media had pointed towards the active involvement of Maoists in Nandigram, this was vehemently denied by all the opposition political parties like the Trinamool Congress, Congress and the BJP, who were a part of the BUPC (Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee) in Nandigram. The recent interview by Maoist leader Koteshwar Rao (Kishanji) to the Times of India (27th April 2009) has put all speculations to rest. He has not only confirmed the active participation of the Maoists in the Nandigram violence but he also stated that the Trinamool Congress had supplied them with ammunitions. This corroborates the admissions of Himadri Sen Roy (Somen), the West Bengal State Secretary of the CPI (Maoists), who was arrested by the police in February 2008. On the basis of his interrogation report prepared by the CID, the Indian Express (22nd June 2009) reports:

“CPI (Maoist) leaders, including Somen, visited Nandigramv in December 2006 to ‘assess the temperament of locals’ when protests against land acquisition for a chemical hub just began.

Based on the visit, a meeting of his party was held inv Chakulia forest in Jharkhand in February2007 to devise a strategy for Nandigram. A decision was taken to keep the Maoists away from theforefront of agitation due to lack of organizational network in Nandigram. It was also decided to procure arms. Accordingly, the party central committee sanctioned Rs 8 lakh, by which six .315rifles and 500 bullets worth Rs 4 lakh were purchased from one Sahoo based in Jharkhand.

The consignment was received at Haldia, shipped tov Nandigram and kept at the house of CPI (Maoist) East Midnapore zonal committee secretary Narayan's residence in Sonachura, the epic centre of Nandigram movement. Besides, 30 crude guns were procured locally. Narayan also acted as a link with the BUPC, whose members Karabi, Ranjit Pal and Dipak formed the Maoist squad along with Narayan. [Maoist cadre Ranjit Pal was involved in the assassination of JMM MP Sunil Mahato in Jharkhand in March 2007]

Somen also visited Nandigram in July 2007 for two days and stayed at Narayan's residence. Narayan was in contact with Trinamool MP from Tamlukv Subendhu Adhikari, the then MLA from Contai South Assembly constituency, and BUPC leaders. Maoists also forged links with Sidiqullah Chowdhury's People's Democratic Council of India (PDCI), SUCI and Bandi Mukti Committee(BMC).

Several Bengal intellectuals, including BMC presidentv Mahasweta Devi, went to Nandigram at the Maoists’ behest to exhort people to join the anti-acquisition movement.

However, relations between the BUPC and Maoists soured whenv the former rejected a proposal to form volunteer groups to take on the CPI (M) cadres.

Kishanji, also operating under the names of Pradip, Bimal,v Prahalad and Sridhar, collected “levy” from contractors in Bankura, Purulia and West Midnapore averaging Rs 8 lakh per month. He also received Rs 1.31.5lakh from the central party headquarters every month, which he distributed directly to the state unit. He wrote press statements of the party in English while Somen framed the Bengali ones.”

It is clear that the blockade of Nandigram, which continued till November 2007, had little to do with the protest against land acquisition for the chemical hub. The State Government had explicitly abandoned the land acquisition proposal in February 2007 itself. The protest against land acquisition became a convenient cover for legitimizing the gang up with the Maoists and unleashing open terror against the CPI (M).


Having tasted blood in Nandigram, several attempts were made by the Trinamool Congress and the Maoists to create similar situations elsewhere in West Bengal. On 2nd November 2008, an attempt was made by the Maoists to assassinate the West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, when he was returning from Salboni in West Midnapore along with the Union Steel Minister after laying the foundation stone of a steel plant. The landmine exploded by the Maoists missed the Chief Minister’s convoy narrowly. The police launched operations to arrest the culprits and some suspects were arrested. In the process, however, the police indulged in some unjustifiable repressive measures in the Chotopelia village in Lalgarh, especially against some tribal women, one of whose eye was severely damaged. 11women lodged formal complaints about police torture.

This angered the local tribals who launched protests against the police led by the Bharat Jakat Majhi Marwa (BJMM), a body of adivasi community leaders. They demanded treatment and compensation for the injured tribal women, action against the guilty police officials and release of the arrested suspects. On14th November the BJMM leadership reached an agreement with the local authorities. The administration accepted most the demands and provided treatment and compensation for the injured women, released eight of the accused including three school going boys who were arrested and the SP and the Inspector in Charge of Lalgarh police station were transferred.

However, a Committee against Police Atrocities (PSBJC or Police Sontrash Birodhi Janasadharaner Committee), which was backed by the Maoists was formed which accused the BJMM leadership of selling out. The PSJBC blockaded the entire Lalgarh area by digging up roads and felling trees, similar to Nandigram, and made the area out of bounds for the police and the administration. They demanded a public apology by the District Superintendent of Police of West Midnapore and other policemen by holding their ears and crawling with their nose to the ground. The administration tried to open dialogue with them but the PSBJC continued with the blockade insisting upon the public apology by the police officials. That the PSBJC was not interested in resolving the issue in a peaceful and democratic manner became clear with the continuing blockade.

The local tribal people were not in favour of the undemocratic tactics adopted by the Maoist backed PSBJC. The Bharat Jakat Majhi Marwa organized a rally to protest Maoist violence on 9th December in the Bhulabheda area of Belpahari, where more than 10,000 adivasis had gathered. Sudhir Mandal, the adivasi leader who organised the rally, was shot dead by the Maoists less than 48 hours later. The PSBJC formed a parallel administration and its Maoist allies prevented the entry of the police and administration in the villages of Belpahari, Binpur, Lalgarh, Jamboni, Salboni and Goaltore.

From here, the Maoist death squads launched a series of brutal attacks.
2nd February, 2009: CPI (M) leader Nandalal Pal was killed by the Maoists in Lalgarh. The next day, Maoists also attacked the funeral procession of the slain leader and killed three more tribal villagers Rajaram Mandi, Lakhiram Mandi and Gopinath Soren in the Khasjangal area.

18th March, 2009: Two CPI (M) members and Kisan Sabha activists Durga Deshowali and Santosh Mahato were killed by Maoists in front of Bhulabheda Panchayat office in Belpahari.

10th April, 2009: CPI (M) activist Asim Mondal was shot dead by Maoists in front of the shop he owned at Bhulabheda, Belpahari.

21st April, 2009: A small farmer, Hambir Mandi, who was also a CPI (M) supporter, was killed by Maoists in Nadaria, Salboni. CPI (M) activist Sakti Sen was also killed in the attack.

23rd April, 2009: An armed gang of Maoists attacked a group of CPI (M) activists in Saluka village, Salboni. 10 CPI (M) activists were seriously injured but were prevented from being shifted to the hospital. Among the injured, Gopinath Murmu succumbed to his injuries. The Maoists burnt his dead body.

30th April, 2009: Three Election Commission (EC) personnel, Prasad Banerjee, Sougata Karmakar and Sanjay Das (driver), were killed when Maoists triggered a landmine blast targeting their convoy after polling in Jamboni.

6th June, 2009: CPI (M) leader Jayanta Mahato was killed by Maoists at Dirghosa forest in Salboni. The Maoists had announced at a meeting on 2nd June that Mahato would be killed.

11th June, 2009: CPI (M) activist Salku Soren was abducted by Maoists from his house at Kakrachara village in Lalgarh. He was later shot dead inside a nearby forest.

14th June, 2009: Three CPI (M) activists, Asit Samanta, Naru Samanta and Prabir Mahato were killed in an attack by the Maoists in Dharampur, Lalgarh.

17th June, 2009: CPI (M) activist Anil Mahato, DYFI activist Niladri Mahato and SFI activist Abhijit Mahato were killed by motorcycle borne Maoists in Lodhashuli.

It is clear that the blockaded area of Lalgarh was being used by the Maoists to launch murderous attacks, especially targeting CPI (M) activists and supporters. The objective of the blockade was also to shield the Maoists, who were behind the assassination attempt on the Chief Minister. This became clear whenMaoist cadre Shashadhar Mahato (Bikash), the prime suspect behind the assassination attempt, appeared before the media within the “liberated zone” of Lalgarh on 16th June with an AK 47 slung on his shoulders. Bikash said on NDTV: “On 2nd November, our plan was to execute Buddhadeb. If people want Buddhadeb hanged, who will hang him? It will be us of the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army.” He was making these statements with the CPI (M) local committee office in Dharampur burning in the backdrop and the corpse of CPI (M) activist Salku Soren, who was killed few days back by the Maoists, lying beside it. It was in the backdrop of this murderous spree by the Maoists, that the State Government was forced to launch a combined operation of the state police and the central security forces on 18th June 2009. The objective was to combat the Maoists and restore normalcy in the area.


The Lalgarh episode has once again brought to the fore the nexus between the Trinamool Congress and the Maoists. The PSBJC Convenor Chattradhar Mahato, a contractor by profession, is the brother of this Maoist Bikash. In an interview to NDTV on 22nd June, Chattradhar Mahato stated that he has been an activist of the Trinamool Congress and actively campaigned for it during the Panchayat elections in 2008.He also admitted in a roundabout manner that his brother is a Maoist. Mamata Banerjee herself has provided active support to the Lalgarh blockade throughout and even addressed a rally of the PSBJC in Lalgarh on 4th February 2009, sharing the dais with Chattradhar Mahato. As the security forces’ operation in Lalgarh began, the double standards of Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee got badly exposed:

17th June 2009

Partha Chatterjee, Trinamool MLA and leader of Opposition in WB Assembly: “If the Maoists are unleashing terror, then why is the CPI(M) not asking the government to ban the organization. The ‘Maoist drama’ has the support of the chief minister.” (Asian Age)

18th June 2009

Maoist leader Kishanji: “People will block the roads, the armed forces that come will be taught a lesson, the central govt., the Buddhadeb govt. will be taught a lesson…We are asking Mamata too, she was with us in Nandigram…now we want to know what stand she will take. She is now in the cabinet, the sole member from her party… The tribals here are sitting in protest against the Paramilitary forces, ready to fight them. Which side will Mamata support is what we want to know.” (NDTV)

20th June 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “If statements by Biman Bose and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee linking our party with Maoists are not withdrawn within 48 hours, we will agitate to demand sacking of the government by the Centre. We don't believe in individual killings and don't have link with Maoists. We have been demanding a ban on Maoists in the state…He himself (Buddhadeb Bhattacharya) had said once that he is fond of Maoist books and literature and has them at his residence.” (Outlook)

Kishanji: “She is playing a political game. Even though she is a member of the Central Cabinet, she has not said a single word against sending Central forces to Lalgarh. Now, to gain sympathy in West Bengal, she is saying that the police and the CPI(M) unleashed a reign of terror in Junglemahal. This is clearly a case of double standards on her part. The mask has fallen from her face…After the Lalgarh movement started, Mamata Banerjee visited Lalgarh. The locals allowed her to visit this place. But now she will not be able to come to Lalgarh or any parts of Junglemahal. We have also decided that we will prevent her from entering Nandigram and Singur, where we were part of the movement.” (Asian Age)

22nd June 2009

Kishanji: “Mamata’s real interest is to grab power in West Bengal. Had she been sincere, she would have stepped down from the Union cabinet because the Centre has joined hands with the state government to unleash a reign of terror in Lalgarh” (India Today)

29th June 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “I am once again urging the central government not to provide support to the CPIM at Lalgarh and use central forces to unearth illegal arms stocked by the party…I urge the Centre to immediately convene an emergency meeting to be attended by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister P Chidambaram to review what actually is happening at Lalgarh in the name of flushing out Maoists.” (Hindustan Times)

1st July , 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “What is going on at Lalgarh is a total drama. There are no Maoist activists in the region. If there had been any ultra Left activists, they have by now already fled the area and the Left Front government has allowed them to flee. Now in the name of running joint operations against the Maoists, the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government is just trying to regain its political base…” (Economic Times)


Despite the fact that not even one person has been injured or killed by the security forces since the beginning of the joint operations in June 2009, Maoist sympathizers have launched a high pitched campaign against “state repression” and “atrocities” in order to mislead people on the ground situation in Lalgarh. The fact is that 15 more CPI (M) activists and supporters have been assassinated by the Maoists since the launch of the operations. Efforts by the Maoist sympathizers and the Trinamool Congress to stall the operations of the security forces is nothing but an attempt to perpetuate the reign of terror by the Maoists. The unholy nexus between the Trinamool Congress and the Maoists and their anti-democratic and violent politics need to be exposed thoroughly.


While planting an explosive device of ID type near a culvert at Fatehpur under Baharampur in Murshidabad on 34 National Highway, a Maoist named Surajit Maiti was killed and another injured seriously at night of 29-08-2009 due to explosion of the same. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Central Finance Minister, was to attend a Prize Giving Ceremony of a Swimming Competition at Baharampur the next day on 30-08-2009. The culvert falls on his way to Baharampur.

Later, one Madhav on behalf of the Nadia-Murshidabad-Burdwan Zonal Committee of CPI (Maoist) has confirmed through a public statement that Surajit was one of their dedicated cadres and was sent on mission to assassin Pranab Mukherjee, whom they treat as one of the three tyrant leaders of Congress responsible for sending joint force to Lalgarh.

The Maoists may not be available as to know what were their actual plan and the reasons therefore. But the investigating agency of the Central Government can have the required information from Mamata Banerjee and six other Central Ministers belonging to TMC who are directly hand in gloves with the Maoists. If needed, it may also interrogate some perverted sold-out “so-called” intellectuals who support and frequently visit the Maoists.


The events in Nandigram starting from the January 3 incident have been the subject of a heated controversy. A feature of this political tussle has been the concerted attempt to attack the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on the grounds that it is taking an anti-peasant stance in favour of big companies. It is accused of using the police for this purpose.
The March 14 incidents when the police entered Nandigram and police firing took place have led to protests in West Bengal and in other parts of the country. At the national level, the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies have focused on this incident. Parliament was disrupted for five successive days. The BJP and the Trinamool Congress have demanded the imposition of Article 356 in West Bengal. Some other opposition groups have demanded the removal of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.

It is essential to understand what happened in Nandigram and what are the issues involved. First of all, it must be clear that the police action in Nandigram was not for any land acquisition. It is true that the West Bengal government had considered certain areas within Nandigram for the proposed chemical hub to be set-up as a Special Economic Zone. This was under the consideration of the state government. There was no notification for land acquisition by the authorities at any stage. There was a notice by the Haldia Development Authority for public information regarding the likely location of the project. It is this notice which set off protests by people in Nandigram Block I.

From January 3 to March 14, what happened within Nandigram Block I should be properly understood. From the time a Gram Panchayat office was attacked and the police party called in was also attacked by an armed mob, a chain of events took place which culminated in the police entry into the area two and a half months later. All bridges and culverts linking the roads to the area were destroyed and cut off. CPI (M) offices and the houses of party workers and supporters were burnt down or looted. Altogether, 2,500 leaders, supporters and members of the party were driven out of the area.

Most of the media and the political opponents of the CPI (M) have remained conspicuously silent about the operation to cleanse Nandigram of the CPI (M).

It is shocking that many of the intellectuals who claim to be on the Left, have not said a word of condemnation about these cleansing operations which led to the brutal murder of Shankar Samanta, a CPI (M) Panchayat member and Sunita Mondal, a school student. The lynching of a police sub inspector Sadhucharan Chatterjee was also received with no qualms. As recently as March 3, a woman was gang raped by men led by a local TMC leader. She was targeted because she belonged to a CPI (M) supporter's family that refused to join the programme of the Bhumi Rakkha Committee.

The TMC-Jamiat-Naxalite combination which spearheaded the Bhumi Rakkha Committee was able to keep the people mobilized with a fear that their land would be taken away. The chief minister had, as early as February 9, categorically stated that no land for the chemical hub would be taken from Nandigram, if the people do not want it. But, as the entire CPI (M) leadership including activists and supporters were absent from the area, the vicious anti-CPI (M) campaign playing on people's fear about their land could continue without being challenged.

The Nandigram events came in the background of the opposition launched by the same forces against the Singur automobile project. The Central Committee of the CPI (M) had met in Kolkata
between January 2 and 4. It discussed the Singur project and endorsed the stand of the West Bengal CPI (M) and the Left Front government in going ahead with the Tata car project. The West Bengal CPI (M) leadership had also informed that no land acquisition would be taken up in Nandigram if the people are opposed to it. The CPI (M) Politburo had confirmed this after its meeting on February 17 and 18, when it stated that: "There is no question of any land being acquired for the SEZ projects, as in Nandigram, against the wishes of the people".

It speaks for the character of the political combine that is spearheading the Nandigram agitation who, after knowing that the government is not going to acquire land in Nandigram, went ahead with instigating or condoning violence against the CPI (M)'s elected representatives in the Panchayats, its local leaders, members and families. Certain NGOs with international links and the anti-Communist media have lent full support to this enterprise.

It is these same elements who refused to attend all-party meetings repeatedly called by the district administration. The last all-party meeting held on March 10 decided that the administration should move to restore communications and normalcy in the area. It is in this connection that the police entered the area on March 14. In the ensuing confrontation, 14 people died and many injured including policemen. The police were met with protests not only by the local people but from elements armed with bombs and pipe guns.

The death of ordinary people in police firing is deeply regrettable. Such an event is painful and unfortunate. The CPI (M) would have liked a full-fledged judicial inquiry, so that all the circumstances which led to the police action and the firing could be looked into and the facts established. The Kolkata High Court, however, in an unprecedented step, without even asking the state government for a report, ordered a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry on the March 14 incident.

The police firing resulting in deaths has incurred the disapproval of different sections of people in West Bengal, a state which has a high level of democratic consciousness. The reactions against the police action in the rest of the country also reflect the same disapproval. Such reactions are understandable. But to link the police action to a purported drive to take over land from the peasants in Nandigram is a deliberate attempt to malign the Left Front government and the CPI (M).

The issue of land acquisition and industrialization in West Bengal is being viewed by interested quarters according to their own political and ideological predilections. While some of the neo-liberal supporters of the SEZs are worried that the Nandigram incidents will lead to a setback for the setting up of SEZs in the country, Naxalites
of various hues and persons like Medha Patkar are hoping that industrialisation in West Bengal can be halted after the violence in Nandigram. Both are on the wrong track.

As far as SEZs are concerned, the CPI (M) and the Left Front government of West Bengal want major changes in the scope and character of the SEZs. In February itself, the Left Front government decided that new SEZs will not be set-up in West Bengal till the changes in the all-India SEZ Act and Rules are made. West Bengal will not adopt the type of SEZs being set-up in Maharashtra, Haryana and other states where huge tracts of land are being given to big business houses with ample scope for real estate speculation. The Left parties have already spelt out the changes required.

As for those who want the Left Front government to give up its industrialisation policy, they will be disappointed. West Bengal will protect and further develop agriculture; the gains of land reforms will not be undermined but the emphasis on industrialisation will not be given up. The long years of deindustrialization has to be reversed. Balanced economic development requires industrialisation within the capitalist framework too. If some argue that small and medium industries are sufficient, the CPI (M) does not agree. Large-scale units, particularly in manufacturing, are necessary.

The CPI (M) will not be daunted by the gang up extending from the BJP to the Maoists. The people of West Bengal know who are the true champions of their interests and who are in the reactionary combine which is the TMC, BJP and its new-found allies. Those conversant with political history will also know how the CPI (M) has emerged as the leading contingent of the Left in West Bengal by steadfastly fighting back the repeated attempts by the ruling classes to rally all forces to isolate the party.

They have failed in the past and will fail again now.


Now-a-days the Metro trip has become a nightmarish ride. The commuters have to brave the ordeal of abusive words and accusing eyes in overcrowded trains. Horrible experience of jostling and elbowing is invariably associated with the journey. At peaks hours it is really difficult to board the Metro. Most of the time the coaches burst at their seams. The sliding doors refuse to close as a result of heavy rush. Late running of trains has become a routine affair. Besides, the commuters are inconvienced by the naming of the stations between Tollygunge and Garia.

There is no denying the fact that before extension it was no so.

Names are associated with the history of the place. Stations on the old Metro stretch have names of places like ‘Dum Dum’, ‘Belgachia, ‘Sovabazar’ and so on. When one asks for a ticket for any of these places it sounds very correct and normal. There are only four stations on this stretch named after great persons like “Jatin Das Park”, “Girish Park”, “Rabindra Sadan” and “Netaji Bhavan”. But it would sound somewhat odd and ridiculous if the words “Park”, ‘Sadan’ or ‘Bhavan’ were not there. The names of places would have been more helpful.

Renaming railway stations in remembrance of celebrities and martyrs for petty political gain is a matter of shame and disgrace. When at the ticket counters commuters shout “Give me three Nazrul” or “Please one Masterda” or “I want two Uttam Kumar” does it glorify those great men? Do those not sound ludicrous?

Mamata Banerjee in an official-turned-party function attended by the Governor of West Bengal, her party supporters and some sycophant “so-called” intellectuals singing, dancing and performing tricks and feats of jugglery to her tune inaugurated the joint venture project on 22nd August, 2009 in an abnormal haste without inviting the state government in order to earn narrow political mileage without considering the safety, security and convenience of the commuters. She named the metro stations without consulting the state government out of insular political considerations.

Metro is a national property. But she thinks the Indian Railways and the Metro to be her personal property. Her action is nothing but insult and humiliation of the great persons. She has practically been successful in reducing them to a laughing stock. Will the people of the state ever forgive her for this sort of whims and caprices translated into reality at the cost of the nation?


The pro-imperialist and blind anti-Communist Governor of West Bengal is a man of man of many parts and personality with learning, passion, emotion and compassion. But bad people say that all these qualities are prejudiced and one eyed. He is not so innocent and impartial as he pretends to look. Besides, he is also in possession of an unusual ‘conscience’. It wakes up all on a sudden only when Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI-Few Perverted Intellectuals-Media-NGOs-Human Rights Originations desires and demands in times of need to push their political agenda of overthrowing the Left Front Government in West Bengal. In fact, he is the “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” of this alliance and the Governor House has become a centre for hatching political conspiracy against the Left Front Government.

There is no denying the fact that the Governor is a constitutional head of a state. So, he has two options only. He may call the Chief Minister or any of his Ministers for discussion on any matter which he considers to be serious. The second option is that he may send his report to the Central Government. One eminent Indian Constitutional Expert has very rightly commented that the Governor cannot have any personal view. He has to work within the constitutional limitations. He has no scope for possessing any opinion different from that of the state government.

In Shamsher Singh Vs State of Punjab, the Supreme Court held that the President and the Governors are only constitutional heads and they exercise their power and functions with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and not personally. Wherever the constitution requires the ‘satisfaction’ of the President or the Governor, the ‘satisfaction’ is not the personal satisfaction of the President or the Governor but it is the satisfaction of the Council of Ministers.

But the frequent politically motivated statements issued by him for landing the Left Front Government in constitutional crisis has earned him the unequivocal praise of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance. To tell the truth, instead of discharging impartially and honestly his duties as a constitutional head, he himself has been in the arena trying to embarrass, heckle and humiliate the Left Front Government and tarnish its image in the estimation of the people throughout the country. He has been instrumental in sabotaging the industrial resurgence of the state. His modus operandi for creating constitutional crisis in the state with the help of the opposition has, therefore, considerably and definitely lowered and damaged the dignity, honour, prestige and status of this august office. It, therefore, not only goes against the spirit of the Constitution but also aimed at subverting it.

The tenure of the West Bengal Governor is going to expire very shortly. If he leaves West Bengal, the rainbow alliance will become orphan and guideless. It, therefore, invariably and certainly needs his prejudiced service and some more skillfully drafted public statements similar to those of 15-03-2007 and 09-11-2007 till the next assembly elections going to be held in 2011 so as to dislodge the Left Front Government with his advice, guidance and blessings. So, relentless efforts are already on by them to keep him in West Bengal till the next elections.

If the Central Government tries to keep the most controversial, prejudiced and politically motivated Governor of West Bengal for another term on the recommendations of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance, it will undoubtedly go against the very spirit of federal fabric of our country and create unnecessary political turmoil in the state.

West Bengal has tolerated him beyond limitations. Enough is enough. The sooner he leaves West Bengal; the better for the industrial resurgence and people of this state.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In spite of knowing fully that both Shri Nirupam Sen, Commerce Minister and Shri Ashok Bhattacharjee, Municipal Affairs Minister of West Bengal have been invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industries on 22nd September, 2009 at Kolkata, Shri Mukul Roy, Minister of State for Shipping, Government of India attended the same. But during proceeding of the meeting, he left the same abruptly saying that it is the declared policy of his party not to share any function with the Ministers of the Government of West Bengal. This sort of indecent and offensive behaviour on his part in a public platform is unbecoming of a Central Minister. It has also lowered the image of the organizers and landed them in an awkward situation. Besides, it is a mockery of federal fabric of our country. His unmannerly and immature behaviour triggers an impression to gain ground that he has been suffering from narrow-minded political outlook destined to affect adversely Centre-State Relations in the near future. As a matter of fact, the centre and the states are ruled by different parties politically opposed to each other. None use public platforms organized by others for ventilation of their political ideology. The country has never witnessed this type of episode. So, his behaviour is undoubtedly and undeniably unprecedented in the Indian polity and casts aspersion on the reputation of the Central Government. As a Central Minister, he should realize that he represents the whole country and at least follow minimum decorum and etiquette in public life instead of creating unnecessary drama and embarrassment to others.

However, it is of no use in blaming him alone. He has been only following faithfully the footsteps of his Supremo Mamata Banerjee. All the officials functions of the Indian Railways organized extravagantly at the expense of the tax payers are utilized as her political platforms for mudslinging and vituperation against the CPI (M) and the Left Front Government. None on the part of the State Government is invited to the functions excepting her sycophants, political supporters with party flags and festoons and few ‘so-called’ intellectuals singing, dancing and performing tricks and feats of jugglery to her tunes.

As pilot of the Cabinet Dr. Manmohan Singh cannot deny the responsibility for the action of his own Minister and therefore must look into the matter seriously to ensure that no such thing recurs in the future.


There is no denying the fact that Mamata Banerjee has taken oath as the Union Railway Minister to serve the entire nation. But unfortunately her modus operandi does not fall on the lines with this pledge. In fact, instead of ensuring effective delivery of public service as advised by the President of India and being responsive to the needs, facilities, amenities and problems of the people & the railway passengers of the whole country irrespective of state, she has transformed the Indian Railways into a tool to serve her own political agenda in West Bengal. She prefers to be staying at Kolkata most of the days keeping herself engaged in the drama of inaugurating daily new trains and laying foundation stones than being at the Railway Bhavan in New Delhi performing her constitutionally assigned duty of serving the entire nation. It is not known whether these new trains and projects have the prior approval and budgetary support of the Railway Ministry or the Central Government. This pertinent question is raised widely because the past experience of the people is not good and encouraging. As the then Coal Minister and the then Railway Minister she had laid foundation stones of a number of costly projects with widespread publicity proving later to be without approval and without budgetary supports of the Union Government. All the official functions organized by the Indian Railways at the expense of the tax payers are utilized as her political platforms for mudslinging and vituperation against the CPI (M) and the Left Front Government. In order to satisfy her whims and insular ideology, none is invited to the functions excepting her sycophants, political supporters with party flags and festoons and few ‘so-called’ intellectuals drumming, singing, dancing and performing tricks and feats of jugglery to her tunes. The state government is shockingly set aside in gross violation of the federal fabric of the country. Besides, the entire Railway Ministry remains transferred to Kolkata. The railway officers are being reduced to a football kicked from one post to another. As a matter of fact, she has sullied the name of the Indian Railways beyond redemption and has undoubtedly succeeded in reducing it to a laughing stock. It is better to call the Indian Railways the “Mamata Railways” or the “Trinamool Railways”.

Monday, September 21, 2009


The Communist Party of India (Maoist) believes in the “annihilation of class enemies” and in “extreme violence” as a means to secure organizational goals. It has affirmed its commitment to the strategy of “protracted armed struggle” which defines its objectives not in terms of the seizure of lands, crops, or other immediate goals, but the armed seizure of state power through guerrilla warfare. Within this perspective, participation in elections and engagement with the prevailing “bourgeoisie democracy” are rejected, and all efforts and attention is firmly focused on “revolutionary activities” to undermine the state and seize power.

As part of its strategy, the Maoists fiercely oppose the mainstream communist parties, the CPI and the CPI (M). The cadres of both the parties are declared as class enemies. On the other hand, the Maoists regard Mamata Banerjee and her allies as their class friends.

It supports all the so-called “nationalities’ struggles” going in different parts of the country including ‘Gorkhaland’ and ‘Kamtapuri’ agitations for separate homelands and armed struggle in ‘Kashmir’ by Pakistani supported militants.

Its armed force have 7000 armed cadres, 6000 fire arms including a large number of rifles of AK variety, light machine guns, self-loading rifles, carbines, 303s, grenades, revolvers, pistols and landmine technologies. It has also a technical squad which manufactures 12 bore guns and its ammunitions, repairs all kinds of weapons and assembles grenades.

This terrorist outfit is actually a perversion of Marxism-Leninism. It has become an organization of assassins, hired killers, extortionists, blackmailers and mercenaries. It reportedly owns a fund amounting to more than 1,500 crores. The operation of the Maoists not only remain concentrated to kidnapping and looting of trains and four wheeler passengers but also felling and selling of costly trees in collusion with wood smugglers in Jharkhand, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal and other areas. They also blow up bridges and other structures made of low quality materials to destroy proofs and evidences so as to help the contractors in exchange of money.

The outfit is active in 156 districts of 17 states that include Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Uttaranchal and Kerala. It is responsible for 90% of the violence in the country. 721 people were killed in 1,591 Maoist attacks in 2008 and till August this year, 1,405 attacks claimed 580 lives spread over 11 states.

Now-a-days this organization is very much active in West Midnapur, Bankura and Purulia of West Bengal occupying the captions of the media. The pertinent question arises as to what are the reasons behind their emergence and consolidation in these areas.

Today it is proved as clear as crystal that Mamata Banerjee and her Rainbow Alliance with the blessings of the Governor of West Bengal and others are responsible for the present spate of violence and are also accountable for providing the Maoists a foothold in West Bengal for petty political gains. A brief account of the role played by organizations and individuals is placed below in national interest.


The one and only aim and objective of Mamata Banerjee is to dislodge the Left Front Government in West Bengal by any means and at any cost in order to become its Chief Minister. Keeping this stance in mind she ganged up herself with Kamatapuri and other local terrorist organizations during 2006 Assembly Elections. After being trounced in an unprecedented manner in the elections, she realized that she could not remove the Left Front Government with local terrorists and separatists. So, she started hiring and misusing the Maoists from Jharkhand for this purpose from 2007 onwards.

The Maoist mercenaries and butchers were used first at Nandigram in the name of fighting for ‘agricultural land’ and ‘environment’. Her party goons with the active support and guidance of Maoist butchers and criminals killed a good number of CPI (M) leaders and cadres, drove others away from their ancestral homes, torched their houses, looted their properties & belongings and raped their females. Roads were dug up, government offices, vehicles and properties were plundered and burnt down and trees worth crores of rupees were felled. Now, Nandigram is a liberated zone of the Rainbow Alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI-Few Perverted Intellectuals-Communal Forces. During this so-called movement, workers of most of the opposition political parties got themselves intermingled with the Maoists and other terrorist outfits. At that time they had received the blessings and support of the Governor of West Bengal and the media.

Thereafter, the Maoists were used by the Rainbow Alliance at Singur to drive away the ‘Nano’ factory from West Bengal with the full support of competing car manufacturers. The Governor played a controversial role in the name of arbitration.

At present the Maoists are being used in West Medinipur, Bankura and Purulia to fulfil their plan of creating a liberated zone also. The stories about their unprecedented brutalities in Lalgarh, Jangalmahal, Sarenga, Balarampur, Shalboni and other areas are coming to light daily. Here also workers of TMC and Congress are actively with them.

If the TMC, Congress and SUCI had not supported Maoists, they could not have earned entity and carried out their murderous activities.


The blind anti-Communist and anti-CPI (M) Media in West Bengal has been playing a pivotal role in the emergence of Maoists. They not only lend them unequivocal support but also glorify their brutal activities against CPI (M). All their reporting about CPI (M) is based on distortions of fact, slanderous campaign, untruthfulness, derogatory imputations, inaccuracy, partiality, unfairness and indecency. Even a slight rumour or gossip against CPI (M) occupies the captions of their front page.


Few bankrupt, perverted, greedy, spineless, dishonest, sold-out and anti-Communist intellectuals have been hell bent on dislodging the Left Front Government in West Bengal in order to instal Mamata Banerjee as the next Chief Minister of West Bengal.

As a matter of fact, some time back most of these so-called bankrupt intellectuals were seen sticking to the Chief Minister of West Bengal and other leaders of the Left Front like leeches and parasites for earning undue favours. Their proximity and shameless sycophancy enabled them to manage flats, lucrative plots of valuable lands in posh areas, employment and berths in different places of profit making not only for themselves but also for their near, dear and far ones unduly and improperly. When they realized that no more facilities can be earned, they changed side assuming that the days are changing. Now-a-days they are seen with their ‘Didi’ on her political platforms performing jugglery and singing & dancing to her tune.

Some of them have already succeeded in managing from their ‘Didi’ Life Long Free A.C. Railway Passes with one companion and berths on various Railway Committees especially set up to accommodate them at huge public expenses. These intellectuals are now standing in queue at the door of Mamata Banerjee jostling and elbowing for tickets to State Assembly Elections in 2011, Padma Shree, Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan and other National Awards for their shameless sycophancy.

So, these so-called intellectuals have been helping the Maoists in every possible manner to gain ground and foothold. They keep close contact with the Maoists and often organize seminars and meetings in their favour and publicity. Whenever the Maoists are in trouble, they come forward to shield and shelter them as was done by few so-called intellectuals visiting ‘Lalgarh’ just at the beginning of the joint operation.


In different states of India, there are problems of suicides by farmers for unable to repay bank loans, SEZ, hunger, land acquisition, drought, industrialization, urbanization, construction of Thermal Power Plants, aerodromes, expansion of Roads and so on. But some suspicious NGOs and their organizers, instead of other states, have concentrated their total destructive activities in WB only against the CPI (M) led Left Front Government in the name saving ‘environment’ and ‘agricultural land’ and fighting ‘SEZ’ in Nandigram, Naya Char, Singur and Lalgarh. They actively support the Maoists and move jointly with them. The lavish life style of these organizers, their extravagant expenditure on frequent air flights, lodging and boarding at 5 Star Hotels, traveling in fleet of costly cars, their connection with Maoists, other antinational terrorist outfits financed by outside and their closeness to some spineless greedy sycophant anti-Leftist intellectuals, their proximity and easy access to prejudiced WB Governor are all a matter of serious concern. The mysterious source of their income and mode of expenditure needs a thorough investigation in national interest.


The so-called Human Rights Organizations are in fact the open mass organizations of the Maoists and other anti-national terrorist organizations financed and supported by imperialists and forces across the border. They are very much active in the name of safeguarding the “human rights” of the anti-national terrorists. The media and these leaders used one another in launching vociferous and vicious attack on CPI (M). The leaders of these organizations have played a vital role during the episodes of Nandigram, Rizwanur Rahaman, Singur and Lalgarh when they were seen in panel discussions and other forums of TV Channels attacking CPI (M) and the Left Front Government. The mysterious source of their income and mode of expenditure also deserves an in-depth probe in national interest.


To day in India the Leftists particularly the CPI (M) are the main enemy of the imperialists. Both inside and outside the Parliament they always oppose vehemently the anti-people, anti-national and pro-imperialist policies of the Central Government. The Indo-American Nuclear Pact was delayed due to the opposition of the Leftists. So, the imperialists finance, guide and support the Maoists, perverted intellectuals, media and political parties to undermine CPI (M) and its allies in their own interest. The imperialists have been able to cut the leftists to size in West Bengal and Kerala with the help of Mamata Banerjee and her Rainbow Alliance.


The corporate sectors and industrial houses opposed to the industrialization of West Bengal for commercial and competitive reasons have important role in the abandonment of much-awaited Chemical Hub at Nandigram, Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur, expansion of National Highways, construction of Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Bridges, Aerodromes, Industries, Thermal Power Plants, etc. They financed the Maoists and the Rainbow Alliance during the unparalleled turmoils at Nandigram and Singur and now finance in Lalgarh.


The Prime Minister Dr.Manmoan Singh has again and again declared ‘Maoists” as the single greatest threat to internal security of the nation. But Mamata Banerjee and six Central Ministers-of-State openly support Maoists, keep close contact with them and hold regular meetings with them. These Ministers not only frequently demand withdrawal of joint operation against Maoists but also some of them even visit Lalgarh regularly to embolden Maoists to carry out their destructive activities and mass killing of tribals in the name of so-called ‘revolution’. She holds one hand to Dr. Manmohan Singh and the other to the Maoists. The function of cabinet is a collective responsibility. The Prime Minister, therefore, cannot deny the responsibility of Mamata Banerjee and his colleague Ministers belonging to TMC. But he is keeping studied silence triggering an impression to gain ground that he appeases Mamata Banerjee who actually represents Maoists in his cabinet. The role of the UPA Government is, therefore, nothing but dubious, double standard, antinational, treacherous, dishonest and fraudulent. The objective of destabilizing a duly constitutionally elected state government and encouraging terrorist outfits is aimed at to achieve some petty political gains at the cost of the nation.


As in Bihar and Jharkhand, land mafias, land sharks and land brokers in West Bengal under the umbrella of TMC-Congress-SUCI also support Maoists with muscle power and finance them for their own vested interests. In Singur, Nandigram and Lalgarh they did so for opposing land acquisition by the government for industrial purposes. Their Supremo also advocates for direct land procurement by land mafias, land sharks and land brokers for industry and I.T. Parks. The latest incident of Vedic Village and the involvement of her party MLA and leaders is a glaring example of the same. Keeping in mind the interests of the land mafias, land sharks and land brokers, she, therefore, vehemently opposes the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.


Last but not the least. The pro-Imperialist and blind anti-Communist Governor of West Bengal has played a vital role in the consolidation of Maoists in Nandigram and Jangalmahal areas. In fact, he is the “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” of the Rainbow Alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI-Few Perverted intellectuals. He makes regular politically motivated prejudiced public statements for landing the Left Front Government in constitutional crisis instead of discharging impartially and honestly his duties as a constitutional head. His so-called conscience wakes up on particular occasions as and when desired or required by Mamata Banerjee and Maoists to suit their political interests and violence. The Governor House has become a political centre for hatching political conspiracy against the mainstream Leftists. The pro-Maoist intellectuals and the leaders of the Rainbow Alliance have easy access to him at any moment.

The Governor could have cleared the air about what actually transpired during talks between government and TMC on Singur ‘Nano’ factory at Raj Bhavan. Instead, he mysteriously maintained a studied silence. His prejudiced, biased and politically calculated silence and role actually deepened and complicated the crisis rather than solve it and hammered the last nail in the coffin of the project to push the political agenda of Mamata Banerjee.

His two public statements on Nandigram and one statement on recent violence were aimed at serving the purpose of Mamata Banerjee and the Maoists whereas the statement of 7th September, 2009 was aimed at to safeguard the Maoist violence in Lalgarh. The Governor of West Bengal was forced to issue this statement reluctantly condemning gruesome murders taking place every day in Jangalmahal of WB. But nowhere in it has he mentioned who the murderers vis-a-vis victims are. The skillfully drafted statement is general, vague, ambiguous and evasive aiming at to safeguard and shield the Maoists. All the victims killed by Maoists are CPI (M) leaders and cadres. Not even a single worker of the Rainbow Alliance has been killed by them. The over-smart Governor pretends to look impartial and innocent.

The role played by the then Governor of Kerala, intellectuals and NGOs in pulling down the 1st Communists led state government under the leadership of EMS Namboodripad in 1959 through violent methods is still in memory of all. The role of the governors in the later days has always been controversial inviting the intervention of the Supreme Court of India.

In Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and other states, the Maoists could not muster support from any mainstream local or national party. But West Bengal is an exception to the same. Here the Rainbow Alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI-Few Perverted Intellectuals-Communal Forces has been misusing the Maoists with a common agendum of overthrowing a constitutionally elected state government to serve the interests of imperialists, big business houses, land mafias and other reactionary forces as was done in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Checkslovakia and other countries.